About the Fire Services Training Institute

The Fire Services Training Institute (FSTI) is a non‐profit, tax exempt, California corporation based in Sacramento and is part of the California State Firefighters’ Association (CSFA).

FSTI will provide administrative and management support for the Hollister Ranch Fire Company, working with the Hollister Ranch Owner’s Association. FSTI will support implementation of the HROA Emergency Operations Plan, working with the Santa Barbara County Fire Department and the Santa Barbara County Office of Emergency Services.

Private donations to support the HRFC program can be sent directly to FSTI and all donations are tax deductable. For further information on how you can help, please see the contact page.

2701 K Street, Suite 201 Sacramento, CA 95816-5113
Tel: 800-451-CSFA / Fax: 805-967-6727
http:// cafsti.org
EIN: 20-5793662 CT0153773

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