The Challenge

On July 15th. 2010, a brush fire struck Hollister Ranch in the co-op area next to staff housing. A rapid response by HROA staff and the Santa Barbara County Fire Department kept the “Alegria” fire to just less than five acres. The following recent fires have had a tremendous impact on the Santa Barbara Community:

  • Zaca: 240,207 acres burnt
  • Gap: 9,443 acres burnt with 4 outbuildings destroyed
  • Tea: 1,940 acres burnt with 210 homes destroyed and 9 homes damaged
  • Jesusita: 8,733 acres burnt with 80 homes destroyed, 15 homes damaged, 1 commercial building lost, 79 outbuildings destroyed, and 2 outbuildings damaged
  • La Brea: 89,489 acres burnt.

We have a collective responsibility to protect and preserve the unique environment of Hollister Ranch as a community, a working cattle ranch, a reserve, a research facility, and as our home.

The Hollister Ranch Fire Company has been created to meet the challenge of protecting and preserving our unique and precious environment.

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